God Will Bless America
a new American hymn
In memory of the lives lost - September 11, 2001
and those giving theirs in the war against terror.
words & music by Dave Cook
© 2001 Dave C

God Will Bless America as she comes to Him with prayers,
Giving up her doubt and fear; casting on the Lord her cares.
He will listen patiently. Every tear we shed is known.
God will heal our land! God, and God alone.

Freedom is our heritage! Born of sacred patriot dreams.
Through the blessings of the past God¹s hand is clearly seen.
Lord of Life and Liberty, in Your peace our flag has flown.
You have kept our land. You, and You alone.

In the hour of darkness
When the world seeks to hide,
We will find unbounded courage
As we stand along God¹s side.

God Will Bless America when our hearts by Him are stirred.
Storm and terror must obey when He speaks a righteous word.
We fear not the enemy for our path to God is known.
He will keep our land! God, and God alone.