With great appreciation & thanks...

Erich Timkar...his great voice speaks healing.

With gratitude to Ian Britton for permission to use his vast supply of gorgeous photographs. © Ian Britton - FreeFoto.com

Recording, mixing and mastering were done at z'gwon,th Studios, Lawrence, KS. Colin Mahoney recorded, mixed and mastered God Will Bless America. Beautiful work, Colin!

Thanks to : Kip & Kay Grosshans, Scott McPherson, Dave Aber, Natalie Ralston, Julia Hardin & Elizabeth Chaney.

Deepest appreciation to family and friends for their patience and understanding during this project: Becky, Beth & Gabe, Andi and Jon. Doug & Jeannie, John Collicott, Amy Timkar.

Huge appreciation for the "distribution" team: Janet Cranmer, Deirdre Bath, Mike Cobb, Bill Evans, Frank Fortunato, Dan Groff, Jan Henderkott, Mark Kennerly, Randy Kitchens, Betty Lanteigne, Rebekah Mihms, J.D.Norcross, Vicki Nurre, Elaine Podry, Nancy Ramsey, George Sebek, Rick Shear, Diane Tehan, Dave Warren and Bill Woods.

Kudos to:The Roland Symphonic Suite XV-3080; Mac i-Book; Audio Logic Gold.

David Stutler engineered the Flash presentation; Dave Cook designed, produced and directed the project.

Eternal thanks to my Lord and Savior, Jesus, ...from whom all blessings flow!

God Will Bless America©2001/2002 Dave Cook

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