Bios of Dave Cook & Erich Timkar...

Dave Cook has been a composer of music for over 30 years. Born in Wichita, KS. he attended Wichita State University and the University of Kansas majoring in music performance. He is equally at home in a symphony orchestra setting or with a rock or jazz combo. In addition to his years as a professional musician, he has had compositions performed at local and national levels including choral works for children, high school and adult choirs, and projects such as the opening ceremonies of the Liberty Weekend, New York City. His "Heartseed" songs for children are used in churches across the country. Many of his pieces are featured at the Scripture Song Source website,

Dave spent 13 years in Christian ministry on a number of U.S. college campuses. These years of intense outreach and discipleship were the catalyst for his love of writing music to Bible texts. During that time he also met his wife, Becky. Dave and Becky live in Lawrence, KS and have three children: Bethany, Andrea and Jonathan.


Erich Timkar is the vocalist heard on God Will Bless America. He was born in Belleville, KS. With a vocal performance emphasis from the University of Kansas, Erich has traveled throughout the U.S. singing to audiences of all ages. He is the former soloist with the 312th Army Reserve Band. He presently sings with the 5-voice acappela group, measurexmeasure, as well as being a worship leader in his church. Erich is a composer in his own right having written and produced a musical. He is no stranger to the recording studio including projects ranging from church music to jazz.

Erich and Amy live in Lawrence, KS.